My fascination with food and cooking started at an early age,  memories of which a curious little girl's favorite place in the house was the kitchen. It was a place where my passion for food and cooking was inspired by a woman I greatly admired ~ my mother.

Many years later, my becoming part of Chinese culture (by virtue of marriage), whose Lauriat food service educated me on the different courses served during a Lauriat party, greatly added to my knowledge in Chinese cuisine.

My mother-in-law taught me the different kinds of ingredients and its uses in Chinese cooking, the different kinds of soy sauce; there's light, medium, and dark. Kinds of vinegar come in different colors and are made from different fruits; white, red, black, to name a few. It was good to have learned how to eat things I haven't eaten before and to have learned to cook meals I haven't cooked before.

She also taught me how to slaughter live chickens, pigeons, ducks, and other fowls, how to prepare and scale a live fish, clean a live water eel, cook crustaceans and seashells. Having learned how to transform all these unimaginable living creatures from its raw form to delectable and delicious meals served on a platter for my family to enjoy was an invaluable experience.

My culinary talent became known to family members, nd there were times, my eldest sister would ask me to cater for parties which she held at her home. Together with my house crew, we would cook about several dishes to serve her guests. Years and years of cooking for family and friends gained me the experience and confidence of concocting fresh ingredients from scratch to a well-transformed delectable meal.

My credentials in the Hospitality Industry in food and beverage service are: 1) a certificate in Food and Beverage Service from Hosts International, Inc. and El Grande International Resorts, 2) a certificate from the University of Hawaii, The School of Travel Industry Management for completing the Training Program For Hotel Management Executives. 3) My experience working in a supervisory level in charge of an outlet, the Lobby Bar and the Wine Cellar at the Tropical Palace Resort Hotel in the Philippines earned me a great insight in the Food and Beverage industry.

An old clipping (which I have kept to this day) from Business Day, a business newspaper in Manila, dated Friday, January 7, 1977, Ramon Almario Jr. wrote at his column, : Happy Hour

"Over at the spanking new Tropical Palace Resort Hotel in Las Pinas, however, this is the least of their worries. For since its opening at the sprawling B. F. Home complex last November, the management had already given children equal time."

"Because Tom Aguirre is not ordinary, he builds things that are extraordinary. His ongoing projects are always bigger than life. Take the Queen of Hearts Ballroom at Tropical, the place can easily seat 2000 in comfort as it did for two weeks running during the Reycards show when even that was standing room only."

"In this cavernous well-appointed lobby inspired by Angkor Wat, you can enjoy an evening of music by Bong Penera and the Batucada, also for free."

"Of course, in the land of the free, you have to pay for some things too. If you care for a drink while listening, why, you can order one at the upholstered bar at one corner, managed by a young lady, Christy Kho, who has her own secret concoction of a brew that's not quite margarita and not quite tequila."

"From this point, all wines and liqueurs are dispensed and she has all kinds: Brolio Chianti from Italy, Bin Burgundy Seppelts from Australia, and Deil de Perdrix from Switzerland, to mention a few."


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