Photo Taken by Christina Kho

Sheets of Nori seaweed 
Sushi rice (use Japanese rice)
Roasted sesame seeds
1/2 pound raw salmon (buy from a Japanese store)
Strips of avocado

Cut a rectangular 1"wide X 3" long X 1/4" thick piece of salmon . Put the two wider ends together to shape like a cone.

Put one Nori on your left palm (make sure your hands are dry or any moisture will make the Nori soggy) and cover the left half with a thin layer of Sushi rice (dip your fingers in water first to make the sticky rice easier to handle).

Sprinkle Sushi rice with toasted sesame seeds.
Put the salmon on top of the sushi rice facing the top left corner of the Nori.
Add the avocado and roll your Temaki with your right hand into a cone.
Seal the Temaki by squashing one piece of rice and sticking it on the Nori at the bottom and folding it over to stick to the other side of the Nori.

Eat immediately while nori is crispy.

Kitchen Tested October 3, 2007
*Recreated Recipe


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