This is not my recipe but my son's. He made this delicious recipe by watching Alton Brown's cooking show on television. It was actually pretty good and I find worth posting in my blog. I innovated by using other sauces.

3 pounds chicken wings - cut each chicken wing into 3 parts on the joints.  Discard the 3rd part (or save for soup the outermost part with the tip)
salt and pepper
1 cup or more sweet chili Thai sauce 


Wash chicken well and dash with salt & pepper. Steam for 10 minutes. Let cool. 
Set oven to 400 degrees. Lay each chicken wing 1 inches apart on a greased cookie sheet for 25 minutes or golden brown. 

Meantime, prepare a big bowl with the sweet chili sauce. When chicken wings done, coat with the sauce. Serve on a platter. You can actually use any sauce to coat the crispy chicken wings. 

Here's some suggestions: barbecue, honey-mustard, sweet & sour, sour cream & onion, melted cheese with chopped cilantro, or any of your favorite sauce.


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