They look like sponges, but unlike sponges, they are not soft to the touch. They are actually stiff, hard, and brittle. They will easily break when you're not careful. I found them at my pantry, which was given to me by my sister-in-law, Lechu, who visited with her children from Canada last year.

White fungus is sometimes called snow fungus, silver tree-ear fungus, or jelly fungus, a kind of mushroom that grows on trees. It is off-white in color and very translucent. You can buy it in any Chinese medicine store dried and must be soaked in hot water before use. It is enjoyed for its' jelly-like texture and it's medicinal value. It is used in Chinese cuisine as a dessert or in some piquant dishes.

My mother-in-law used to make a sweet soup sweetened with rock sugar. It was a taste I was not familiar with at first, but in time, I have grown to love and crave for this unique and delicious flavor.

It is time to cook this delectable and unique food for my children to try.


My Little Space said…
Oh, this is one of my favourite dssert! I love sweet things. Yeah, rock sugar less sweeter than the normal castor sugar. And it's a better treat to our health.
Lola Chris said…
Same here. You're absolutely right. We love to eat good food but we must also consider if it's good to our health. I guess "in moderation" is the key.

Thanks for your visit.
Chef E said…
I just saw another blog that featured this ingredient, and now I am really curious to see if the Asian market carried it near me...Love the dish you made with it!
Lola Chris said…
You might want to try the chinese stores that sell chinese medicines. It is supposed to be a medicine to cure female problems and it's supposed to be good for your immunity against diseases.

The one I made was sweet white fungus with rock sugar as sweetener. Some chinese cook it with a savory dish, maybe with dried mushrooms, lotus seeds, and pork or chicken seasoned with a little soy sauce with green onion and bean thread noodle. I am just inventing.

Good luck and let me know if you make your dish with this rare ingredient.

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