1 English cucumber - cut into chunks
2 Roma tomatoes - cut into chunks
1 sprig of spearmint - for garnishing
1/4 cup Nakano Original Seasoned Rice Vinegar
3 tablespoons mint jelly
salt & pepper
2 tablespoons vegetable oil

Put cut cucumbers and tomatoes in a bowl. Sprinkle with salt and pepper. Mix the rice vinegar, mint jelly, and the vegetable oil in another bowl and mix well. Pour into the cucumber and tomato and toss lightly. Top with a sprig of the spearmint for garnishing or if you like it more minty, chiffonade the mint leaves and spread all over the salad.


MaryMoh said…
I love cucumber tomato salad both in colours and taste. It's simple and easy to prepare. It is usually the base to build my salad. Lovely simple recipe.
Lola Chris said…
Thanks Mary! Most of the time I cook for my family and they are all hungry and waiting. I can only think of simple, easy to make food on weekdays. Now, weekends are a different story.

Thanks for your visit. I'll come around soon. Have a good day!

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