In my desire to learn more about other Southeast Asian food, I have researched online about the dishes in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. These countries have their own variations of cooking certain dishes. I also researched on Malaysian restaurants in our area and we have started dining in some of them.


Anonymous said…
We love Thai but haven't tried any Malaysian restaurants yet, very curious to find some in my area.
Lola Chris said…
Hi 5 Star Foodie,

It took me quite a while to find Malaysian reataurants in the San Francisco Bay Area. I googled, used Citisearch, Yelp, etc. I was lucky enough to find few good ones.

It's pretty interesting how these countries make dishes that are similar. They only vary on the seasoning or additional ingredients they use.

Thanks for the visit and have a good day.

My Little Space said…
Hi ya Chris, finally, I can make a comment on your posting! So happy! Oh my, these are the best food in town. The bottom picture should be 'Asam Laksa'..Ooo...that's my favourite!I haven't cook that for years. Try to figure out how to make those again. It's not easy to find a perfect asam laksa at the southern part of M'sia. Asam laksa is very famous at the northern part like Penang State & my hometown. Btw, I have left something for you in my blog. Please feel free to drop by. Thanks!(Chris, this is a great post! Thanks for sharing it.)
Lola Chris said…
Hi Kristy,

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Yes, I am still into Malaysian food right now. Can't seem to get over it. I still have to try one Malaysian restaurant in San Jose, California. They say it's really

Sorry the pics are not clear. It was taken from my daughter's cell phone. Forgot to bring my camera. And yes, you're right. The last photo was Assam Laksa. It's a soup with noodles in it. The taste is so heavenly. I can taste there's tamarind and other spices. We all liked it. The pic was taken after we all got our share of tasting it. Sorry the bowl looks half-full. Could not stop trying it immediately after it was served.

I will try to finish my blogging. I was so sleepy that night and I just ended my sentence hoping someday I'll go back and finish the blog but again work is getting on the way. Wish I could have more time to blog and cook.

Keep cooking and if I do not leave a comment, I will never forget to buzz. Sometimes I
'm just to tired. You know that around midnight here up to about 6:00AM.

Regards to the whole family and mostly to you. Have a good day!

Your friend,


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