Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Salted Eggs and Dried Fish Salad


2 salted eggs, remove shell and slice 
3 teaspoons of fried  dried Herring fish
4 green lettuce leaves
3 slices of big table tomato
1 sprig cilantro


Wash your lettuce leaves and dry in a salad spinner. Put 4 whole leaves on a plate. Wash and dry a big table tomato and then slice three 1/4" pieces and lay on top of the lettuce at the center. Shell the salted eggs and slice coarsely. Mold them inside a cup. Turn cup upside down to lay on top of tomatoes at the center. Scoop three teaspoons of the fried dried fish and put on top of tomatoes around the eggs.  Top with cilantro leaves.

*Serves 2
*Side Dish/Salad/Appetizer
*Tried and tested at Chris' kitchen 04/06/11

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