Today is my daughter's birthday and as we were getting ready to go to a newly opened Cantonese restaurant in San Mateo, the "H. K. Causeway Bay", the doorbell rang. It was the UPS guy delivering the Spanish sausages, made in Spain, my other half and I ordered online from 'La Tienda', a Virginia based importer of Spanish food products, the night before.

Everyone got excited seeing the box of sausages and some Crema de Turron from Spain. My other half couldn't wait and he wanted to open the box. It was almost twelve noon, the set time for the birthday lunch. I told him I was driving ahead to the restaurant, if he wanted to stay behind. My daughter and my son were supposed to drive by themselves.

The restaurant was packed. I didn't realize they were serving dim sum for lunch, for we always went there for dinner. We were met by a lady Maitre D' who was delighted to see us as she walked us to our reserved table with some family and friends already seated waiting for us.

I called in the night before to reserve my favorite "Rose Chicken", as they call it, but it's actually Soy Sauce Chicken, cooked in such a way that it melts in your mouth. They only make about 10 "Rose Chicken" in one day.

I originally planned for a Lauriat-style dining, but all that changed, when I saw the little plates of Dim Sum being served to other diners. There was a quick switch in the plan, barely noticeable to family and friends, except maybe to my daughter, who knew about the previous plan.

I picked up the paper with the lists of Dim Sum, which you can just check and indicate how many orders you want. Then, I ordered the Rose Chicken, the Birthday Noodle, and the SF Dungeness Crab deep fried with egg batter, another favorite of mine. It's so different from the salt and pepper crabs or the crabs deep fried in garlic.

Some of the interesting Dim Sum we had were the numerous tiny little duck tongues with sweet white beans, solid squared chicken blood cooked with chives in a special sauce that went well with the chicken blood, chicken feet cooked in two different ways, stuffed eggplants, deep fried stuffed taro, pork buns, scallop dumplings, tender greens with oyster sauce, and Sharksfin siomai.

For desert, we had their delicious mango pudding. Then, we were given, on the house, Gelatin with Beans, which was color purple and an orange colored one with the red Goji berries in it. There were six blocks of these 2' X 1 1/2" gelatin sitting right next to each other with a cute little colorful yellow umbrella stuck to it.

My daughter's jubilant smile and mood was hard to miss. She enjoyed her birthday lunch with close family and friends.
As we walked to our car, she gave me a hug and a kiss, and thanked me for the dim sum birthday lunch in HongKong. Not quite, but the food was.


ShellyH said…
I wanted to stop by and welcome you to the foodie blog roll. You have a delicious looking blog!
Lola Chris said…
Thank you for stopping by Shelly. I am honored to be part of your foodie blog roll. Thank you.

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