It must have been around 12:00 noon when I got up from bed to make brunch. The chilly weather made me snuggle some more and enjoy the warmth of my blanket. In my mind, I was thinking what to cook for brunch.

My freezer is almost empty and today I need to go to Costco and to Ranch 99, my favorite Asian store, to stock up my pantry and buy food for the week.

Moisty Tomato Scrambled Eggs (always a favorite) and Chorizo de Bilbao (canned) was a good pairing, so I did not hesitate to cook them for brunch with Garlic Fried Rice. The chorizo was cooked in its' own oil and then sliced thinly. Just these, with a freshly made and newly ground brewed coffee jump started my day.


oooo, this looks so good, and I didn't have breakfast yet (it's 9:32 am and I'm still in my PJ. What a computer addict i have turned into...). Now I have to get away from the computer and fix something to eat.
Lola Chris said…
Hello Nurit "1",

Thanks for visiting my site. Yes, it is addicting; I get caught up in it too.

It's was so cold I couldn't think of anything else to cook for brunch, but this was simple and easy.

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